Meet Kevin

Kevin enlisted in the Army in the late 80s, and served our country in Operation Desert Storm.  He lost his leg in 2012 due to combat injuries. 

Kevin had to leave his job, move in with family,  then live in a nursing home.  Our disabled veterans deserve the dignity of private housing and durable solid furniture.  Liberty Resources helped Kevin obtain his own apartment.



Meet Kevin’s old dresser

BUT .… Kevin was on his own for furniture.

Because of his wheelchair, Kevin cannot use standard furniture.  His dresser was donated: with missing drawer fronts, several broken drawers, a bottom drawer he couldn't reach, and a top shelf he couldn't reach.



Meet Jesse

Like Kevin, Jesse enlisted in the Army and served our country overseas. 

Together, Steve (FAF's lead instructor) and Jesse designed the ideal dresser for Kevin: raising the bottom drawer, lowering the top shelf, and arranging the drawers to be within reach.

In Kevin and Jesse's case - Furniture Built by a Vet for a Vet.



Meet Kevin and his new dresser